A Day in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is probably not on your bucket list, however, if you are like us and want to experience all that this world has to offer...why not spend a day passing through Luxembourg?

Our list of places to eat and things to see will ensure you have a luxe time in Luxembourg!

Night 1

Burgers @ Mama Loves You

Checking into our Airbnb late in the evening left our minds full and our bellies empty for some local fare. We scoped out a place before we arrived and Mama Loves You, a local spot, did not disappoint. We ordered a burger to share – which was plenty big. The wait staff was also prompt and courteous – we recommend this place for a casual, chill meal!

Tip: The staff spoke English so it was a good transition into new territory.

Day 1

Start your day at Bloom Café

We loved Bloom Cafe! If you are looking for a delicious breakfast handcrafted by perfectionists, this is the place to go. Not only was the owner extremely personable and accommodating, everything we had was beautifully plated and absolutely scrumptious. The décor was minimalist, clean and bright.

Tip: Go early in the morning, enjoy the sunlight and take in the artisanal experience.

Walk to Casemates

The walk to the Bock or Casemates provides a scenic look of Luxembourg’s beautiful landscape. The Bock is a collection of old castle ruins and underground passages considered the must-see attraction when visiting Luxembourg. Since many of the views set atop a hill, you also get to experience Luxembourg from a different perspective.

Tip: Wear comfortable shoes as walking is the best way to see the city.

A day in luxembourg

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Notre-Dame Cathedral Luxembourg

Regardless of your devotion, the sheer architectural beauty and attention-to-detail should not be missed when visiting Luxembourg. The Notre-Dame Cathedral, which sits in the center of the city welcomes you with grand doors that take you back to a historic time – the doors automatically open as you approach – welcoming you to partake in its magnificence!

Tip: Don’t miss the crypt on the lower level (basement) of the Cathedral.

Notre-Dame Cathedral Luxembourg

Go ethnic with Persian Foodbox

Persian Food may be a flavor palate like you have never experienced before. The staff, though quite friendly, spoke little English and wanted to help but the language barrier still made ordering a challenge. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to point out which rice and meat option you want to try. The portions are large enough to share, so if you don’t want to get overstuffed or if you are not sure that you’ll like the flavors – split it!

Tip: If you haven’t tried Iranian food, you’ll have to give their burnt rice chip known as “Tahdig” a try (included in your box).

Walk with a Local

One of our favorite things to do when we visit any city is to take a walking tour with a local guide (we also did one in Cuba!). With only 24 hours in Luxembourg, it provided a great opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of the city and ask questions/recommendations from a local. With only one time during the day for English tours we booked our tickets in advance for a two-hour Promenade City Tour.

Tip: These tours are an awesome opportunity to ask for dinner recommendations, photo opps, or things off-the-beaten path you may not find otherwise, so take advantage of it.

Luxembourg Promenade


Dinner @ Athena

We wrapped up our evening in Luxembourg in search of food. With Google on our side, we found our way to Athena, a Greek restaurant with great authentic dishes sure to please your taste buds.

Tip: If you are planning on being a little more impulsive with food choices, as we were, note that most restaurants require reservations and you should try to call ahead as best as you can!

Call it a Wrap!

After Dinner, we were all tired out so we retired to our Airbnb for the night and packed our bags once again for an early morning train to our next destination, Amsterdam!

A day in Luxembourg